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All Niagara Therapy devices are listed on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG) as Class IIa Medical. From elite athletes to individuals in their later years find out why people of all ages use Niagara Therapy medical devices.
Quality equine therapy systems that are the benchmark in helping riders, competitors, trainers and breeders of all levels improve performance, maintain peak condition or as a powerful rehabilitation tool. Equissage leads the way in equine therapy!
A unique therapy system that provides dog trainers, breeders along with crucial veterinary applications the ability to create a range of positive therapeutic outcomes. A diverse set of applications allow Accell Therapy products to produce strong results and provide a level of care to animals in need.

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Australian Therapeutic Solutions is an Australian company that is devoted to sourcing quality therapy products for both human and animal applications. Whether it is to assist elite athletes or sporting associations with injury management, help individuals gain improvement of age-related health concerns or with veterinary based applications our brands Niagara Therapy, Equissage and Accell Therapy provide a variety of benefits across these industries. Delivering a high standard or expertise, care and support to all of our clients and end users we are focused on unwavering excellence at all levels. Pain, immobility, injury management and well-being are all important and our aim is to work towards creating better futures across multiple industries today.

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